Memorial Selection Process


The reason many families find memorial selections somewhat overwhelming, is there are many decisions to be made. The best thing to do is to break down the decisions into manageable pieces. To save you time, and to be sure you are making your decision from a knowledgeable perspective, Dodds Monuments has defined and prioritized the decisions with which you will be faced. Each Dodds Monuments memorial designer can walk you through these steps and help you make an educated decision.

Style of the Memorial

Are you looking for a traditional upright memorial, something customized, or a flat marker? These are the questions to ask when selecting a memorial.

Size of the Memorial

The size of the memorial can depend on the regulations of the cemetery. Every cemetery is different. The best thing to do is ask your memorial designer what size you can have at the particular cemetery your loved one is located.

Color of the Memorial

Each color represents a different quarry from around the world and every quarry has its own unique problems in getting the granite out of the ground and manufactured. The type of quarry, the amount of waste due to streaking and fissures, plus the distance the granite must be shipped all are important factors in the cost of a memorial.

Quality of Granite

Some granites absorb moisture and will darken in areas. Other granites can have deposits of iron ore, which can oxidize on the surface and cause unsightly spots over time. Large grained granites are not usually suitable for memorialization as the engraving does not present itself well. Dodds Monuments offers only quality granites they can guarantee.

Polish and Surface Treatments

There are several different types of finish, which can be applied to granite. Rock pitch, steeled, polish, flamed, sunburst, and shellrock are several of the different treatments.

Lettering and Design

There are many types of designs and letters, which are standard and are included in the price of a memorial. To be sure your memorial is exactly the way you want it to be, Dodds Monuments provides a scaled CAD drawing or an in shop approval of every memorial.